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When I was 8, my grandma taught me to sew. Grandma was an expert seamstress and pattern maker, and had the patience of a saint. Her intention, of course, was never to teach me a skill or craft, but rather to keep me occupied while the adults gambled playing pinocle or poker in the next room, Imagine that! 

Well, fast forward and here I am, still at it. I call myself a sew-creator, drawn to handmade items like pins to a magnet. In almost 50 years I’ve done everything from custom formal wear to alterations for extra income.


I’ve sewn clothes for my kids and now for my own grandchildren. I’ve dabbled with everything from shower caps and stuffed animals to bras and panties. I’ve made decorative rugs and fashioned accessories like bags and scarves. Oh, and let’s not forget the currently trending face masks.

Wow, that's a lot of sewing!

But it never gets old. There’s a world of imagination out there just waiting to be harnessed, and that’s what I hope to share with other creative hobbyists like myself.

Now as I approach retirement, I’m devoting more and more time to my sewing and long to teach others this lost craft. I hope you’ll join me on this journey, get inspired to create some of your own projects, and learn a thing or two about the fabulous world of sewing.

Needle the Seamstress located in Ormond Beach FL is owned by Jacquelyn Bennett who is a sewing instructor in the Daytona Beach area.